Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Happenings at the Gullivers

This was last weekend but I've been slacking on posting these pictures. We went to the annual St. Joe festival last Sunday and Kylie got to play games, ride on a couple of horses, and see her second cousin, Finleigh, which they both rode together on a cute little train around the church yard. It was pretty hot out that day but we had a great time! Also, Kylie got to spend the night at her Granny and Grandpa Ben's house on Friday (Grandpa Ben was out of town so Kylie kept Granny company). She had so much fun and thank you Granny for having so much fun with Kylie!
Another big thing at our house is our newest purchase...I am officially a soccer mom, I guess! Aaron and I bought a 2003 Ford Windstar, yes, you heard right. A minivan!! I always told myself that I would never own a minivan but with two kids (in the near future) and a dog, it is really the best car for a family. It's got all of the bells and whistles, including a TV/DVD player in the van, which will come in handy on trips with the kids! I'll have to get a picture of the van, to prove that yes indeed, the Gullivers are a minivan family! :)
The belly is getting bigger, I'm at 23 weeks today. Baby G is quite a kicker and Aaron finally got to feel her kick on August 9 for the first time. We were pretty excited about that. Still haven't thought of any names yet though! Aaron and I went and registered for my baby shower this Saturday, that was fun! Aaron loved holding the scanner and scanning the items!